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Landscapes of Place (tm)

We offer Landscape Restoration Planning and Design, Ecological Restoration and Land Stewardship in eastern Wisconsin. Typical projects include long-term engagements with landowners of 5 to 500 acres, providing assistance in analyzing current ecological conditions, defining desired sustainable goals and designing step-wise and adaptive implementations with measurable outcomes. With a long-term commitment, lands of a range of local ecosystem types and initial conditions are candidates for our hands-on restoration planning and design services.

Nancy M. Aten, PLA, ASLA, 
   Landscape Architect
Dan Collins, PE, Program Manager
   and Restoration Consultant

photo: Kelly Avenson Photography
photo: Kelly Avenson Photography


FOG, June 2014
Dan teaching with aquatic macroinverts, 4th grade classes and teachers

Nancy, design-to-music exercise
Nancy, design-to-music in front of 250 attendees, Connecticut and Philadelphia, January 2014

Dan teaching - with snake
Dan teaching - with snake (photo: Joey Z)

Nancy leading WWA hike, Oct 2014
Nancy leading hike for Wisconsin Wetlands Association (photo: Katie B)

Restored sedge meadow (ongoing)
Restored sedge meadow (ongoing)




Landscape design process

We are teaching a two-day workshop at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, WI - Join us! Landscapes of Place: Landscape Design with Art & Ecology.

Stewardship Quickstart
Nancy and Dan have engaged three land stewardship internships for the 2018 Land Stewardship season in Door County. At left, Dan presents the "Stewardship Quickstart" idea to the Green Bay Conservation Partners Spring Roundtable. Year One has begun!
Crane in April snow
Bay Shore Blufflands had a blizzard April 14-15th 2018, 30" of snow. Cranes had arrived the previous week. A few days after the blizzard we spotted this crane in the wetland.
December 2017 Press Release. "It is especially timely to protect these wetlands given the Wisconsin legislature's contemplated bill that would remove all protections from wetlands just like these," said Dan Collins. "The capacity of these wetlands to reduce flood damage along with their connected ecological benefits should be protected. Thankfully the Door County Land Trust is here to help."
Science Not Silence

Do-It-Yourself Postcards for Science Advocacy. Stand for Science with us.

Nancy Aten

Profile of Nancy Aten in Society for Ecological Restoration News.

Design with music

Nancy and Darrel design to music video, from New Directions in the American Landscape conference.

Dan on WPR for wetlands
Dan on WPR's Larry Meiller Show with Katie Beilfuss:

Healthy Wetlands and Their Advocates

Coolest map ever. From the team at HINT.FM.
Revisited Ideas series
From our Revisited Ideas series: watch Creek as Cathedral.


of occasional essays




June 2018

Hike-leading season! Friends of Gibraltar Schools, Door County Land Trust, The Clearing's board of directors ...

August 16-17, 2018

We are teaching a two-day workshop at The Clearing in Ellison Bay, WI - Join us! Landscapes of Place: Landscape Design with Art & Ecology.

May-June 2019

Nancy is pleased to announce her artwork will be on exhibit at the UW Madison Arboretum's Steinhauer Trust Gallery.


Co-taught with Darrel Morrison for New York Botanical Garden, a field course on native plant communities at Black Rock Forest.

Led wetlands hikes for The Ridges' Festival of Nature, Door County Land Trust, Climate Change Coalition of Door County, FOG, Friends of Gibraltar Schools, and Bjorklunden.
Moss Survey at Bay Shore Blufflands with bryologist Jamie Ferschginger. 29 mosses identified to species and a few more to genus. 
Helped organize, led walks and presented at the Jens Jensen Landscapes Symposium at The Clearing.

Led wetlands hikes for The Ridges' Festival of Nature, Door County Land Trust, Climate Change Coalition of Door County, FOG, Friends of Gibraltar Schools, and Bjorklunden.
Nancy presented keynote at UW Arboretum's 2015 Native Gardening Conference in Madison. 
Co-taught week-long field class for New York Botanical Garden at Black Rock Forest Consortium.
Led hikes for Natural Resources Foundation, Wisconsin Wetlands Association, Door County Land Trust, Friends of Gibraltar Schools, The Ridges and The Latitudes hiking group. 
We spoke at Wisconsin Wetlands' 20th Anniversary Wetland Science Conference. Dan: Achieving balance and success in a wetland complex infested with one million stems of reed canary grass. Nancy: A twist for conservation plans: More doing and less planning, in the 1700-ha Bay Shore Blufflands SNA.
We hosted wetland hikes as part of a team working with Wisconsin Wetlands Association for outreach to wetland landowners. Get your own copy of My Healthy Wetlands!

Landscapes of Place showed our Conservation Master Planning work for Bay Shore Blufflands at Lake Michigan Day, UW-Manitowoc’s Lakeshore Water Institute. Great to connect to new colleagues!

Landscapes of Place led Festival of Nature hike: Spring Wetlands below the Escarpment, Bay Shore Blufflands.

We presented at the 2014 SER Midwest-Great Lakes Conference in St. Paul, "The development of an ecological restoration approach and suite of site-specific projects for conservation of a Door County, Wisconsin landscape using concepts from A Pattern Language".

Nancy spoke in Philadelphia and Connecticut at the 25th anniversary of NDAL, New Directions in the American Landscape, and performed a design sketching demonstration.
Landscapes of Place led symposium: Practitioners of Intimate Restoration at SER 2013 in Madison, Wisconsin.  Dan spoke on Nurturing your community to watch, witness and work.

Nancy and Dan led Natural Resources Foundation field trip Jens Jensen's Legacy in Door County, with the wonderful Roy Lukes. 
Landscapes of Place presented at Riveredge Nature Center's Science For Everyone on the natural history of the Milwaukee area.

Nancy presented keynote address at Milwaukee Wild Ones Conference: Your Wild Garden as a Portal to the World

Landscapes of Place presented an interactive design/sketching session, How to Design with Native Plants at Riveredge Nature Center's Knee Deep in Prairies seminar.

Landscapes of Place presented at SER Midwest-Great Lakes Annual Conference in Ann Arbor on participatory restoration.  Nancy elected to SER Midwest Board of Directors.

Nancy spoke on participatory restoration at First Unitarian Society of Milwaukee Sunday Forum.

Landscapes: Wild, Forgotten, Restored.  Exhibit at Urban Ecology Center of monotypes (unique prints) from Nancy Aten and Dan Collins.
Nancy spoke at the University of Georgia College of Environment and Design, Unsolicited Design: Using Your Voice.

Dan interviewed by WUWM's Lake Effect on the State Stewardship Fund and its practical implementation in Wisconsin.

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