Hometown Work

ASLA Award

Last week, my partner Dan and I were awaiting the walk across the stage in San Diego to receive our national award from the American Society of Landscape Architects, for our detailed plans for the restoration of a half-mile of the urban Menomonee River Valley.

We were next to Ryan, the award winner for plans for Washington DC’s National Mall.  Dan and I were kind of emotional; we are so proud of our work and so hopeful it will be used fully and well.  Ryan from AECOM smiled at us with similar emotion in his eyes, and said, “So, this is a hometown project for you, too, huh?”.  He could relate.  Yes, it’s a Hometown Project for us in a big, heart-filled way.  We wrote in the client-of-our-hearts for the certificate, now proudly displayed in our office.


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